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Online Training

⚠Due to the new fiscal year (FY25) as of June 30, 2024 ALL AHVN Training Institute Online and Virtual Blended Courses will be ARCHIVED and new versions of each course will be created. Click here to go to our Thinkific website to self-enroll in our free self-paced online courses. *You can still access/reprint your previously earned certificates by visiting the My Certificates page.

Our Online Training Modules are FREE for everyone to complete! These self-paced online modules are designed to for self-enrollment and usually completed in under 1-2 hours.

Looking for Instructor-Led Face-to-face training? Click here to view the list of instructor-led training modules.

Click here to enroll for any of the classes listed below.

Click here to access the AHVNTI Thinkific learning website (for the 🚌 AHVN Energy Bus Online Training)

Click here to view some Frequently Asked Questions about our moving our online courses to Thinkific.

All courses completed after May 3, 2021 were completed in our new Thinkific Learning Hub.  Click on this link to log back into Thinkific to access those records: www.ahvnti.thinkific.com.

Below are the free self-paced online training courses currently offered by the AHVN Training Institute. Click on the image below to learn more about the training and how to self-enroll.