Working Effectively With Teen Parents (Online) MOD203

Length: Self-paced
ETO: Professional Growth and Leadership
PDR: Maximum PDR credit hours 1.25 (credit is awarded based on the amount of time spent in the class, up to the maximum amount) - PDR 2019-2020-2021# 13294; PDR May-June 2021 35169; PDR FY 22 (July '21-June '22) 36986

This module discusses adolescent development and other factors that influence the behaviors, decision-making and perspectives of teen parents, and provides specific strategies that you can use to improve engagement and communication. (MOD203) (July 2015)


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize that teens go through several developmental stages
  • Demonstrate a high-level understanding of teen brain development
  • Recognize challenges faced by teen parents
  • Identify media influences on the perception of teen parents
  • Demonstrate an understanding of strategies for establishing and maintaining trust with teen parents
  • Demonstrate an understanding of behaviors that violate professional boundaries
  • Identify concepts of the strength-based approach to working with teen parents
  • Demonstrate an understanding of family dynamics when working with teen parents

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