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Speech Language: Development & Disorders Birth to Five (MOD022)

Length: 2-2.5 hours
ETO: Child Development

Speech and Language learning can be a life-long journey, but the majority of that journey takes place in a child’s earliest years, birth to five. Home Visitors have the perfect opportunity to educate parents on the importance of speech and language development, encourage them to promote development, and what to do if they suspect their child has a delay or disorder. A child with a speech delay or language delay that receives extra support can make significant gains. Early intervention is critically important for these children to develop the communication skills necessary for future success in their academic and personal lives. MOD022


By the end of this training Home Visitors will be able to:
•Explain the impact communication has on a child’s life
•Discuss the difference between speech and language development
•Discuss age appropriate communication milestones
•Provide strategies for parents to foster speech and language development
•Convey to parents the importance of talking to a doctor about an evaluation if delays are expected