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Parents, Children, and Stress (MOD007)

Length: 2 hours
ETO: Parental Well Being and Stability

Home visitors need to understand that early adversity has long been known to increase the risks of disease and life-threatening behaviors later in life. Toxic stress is when a young child experiences frequent or prolonged adverse experiences. The more adverse experiences a child has will raise the risk of later health problems. A child’s sustained exposure to toxic stress may also result in behavior patterns that are difficult to change later. This can lead to a vicious cycle of toxic stressed children growing up to be adults with chronic stress that raise children with toxic stress. Home visitors can help with this cycle by identifying the stress levels in families and by using strategies to build resilience in children and families. MOD007


By the end of this training Home Visitors will be able to:

  • Define chronic stress and explore its relationship to adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress 
  • Describe adverse childhood experiences and how they affect children’s development 
  • Identify toxic stress and effects of abuse and neglect in children 
  • Discuss resilience and evidence-based and evidence-informed strategies to build resilience in children and families