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Parental Depression (MOD011)

Length: 1.5 - 2 hours
ETO: Parental Well Being and Stability

Home visitors need to learn about parental depression and the ways it places children at risk each day. Parental depression can be especially damaging for the growth and healthy development of very young children, who depend heavily on their parents for nurture and care. Addressing parental depression and its negative effects early in a child’s life could improve a child’s development. Once home visitors have built a trusting relationship with a parent, they can reach out to encourage parents to get help with depression. This training is designed to help home visitors feel more comfortable identifying the signs and symptoms of depression and to help them know when and how to refer parents for help. MOD011


  • By the end of this training Home Visitors will be able to:
  • Define depression and recognize there are different categories and degrees of depression
  • Identify and list the signs and symptoms of depression
  • Demonstrate knowledge of when and how to refer parents for help
  • Summarize general recommendations that home visitors can offer parents during visits