Medical Homes: Improved Health Care for Families You Serve (MOD017)

Length: 1 – 1.5 hours
ETO: Health and Safety

Increasing demands for more effective healthcare services has caused the United States to look for a better healthcare approach. Medical Homes focus on connecting the dots and coordinating the overall care of patients, rather than just treating symptoms that brought them in. Home Visitors can play an important role in educating families on the concept of medical homes and informing families of the benefits. Medical home physicians will also increasingly make referrals to home visitation programs in order to better connect the family with needed services. MOD017


By the end of this training Home Visitors will be able to:
•Explain the concept of medical homes
•Express the benefits of medical homes to the families they serve
•Discuss the joint principals of patient-centered medical homes
•Understand the role they play in the medical home model.