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Making Your Meetings Matter (MOD044)

Length: TBD
ETO: Professional Growth and Leadership
PDR: Yes- Arkansas PDR available for this training

Meetings are a necessary and important part of making any program or organization run smoothly. But too often, meetings become monotonous and repetitive. Participants can begin to feel that they don’t benefit from meetings and then become disengaged and inattentive. Just as we need our professional development and training sessions to engage our brains and ensure a transfer of learning, we need our meetings to do the same. When we reframe our view of meetings as a time for participants to learn, discuss, and problem solve in the same way as professional development and trainings, we transform our meetings into purposeful and engaging sessions. (New Oct 2020)


By the end of this training, participants will:

  • Describe how to structure meetings to be focused and effective.
  • Understand common problems and how to eliminate them.
  • Practice facilitation activities that they can use to begin transforming their meetings right away.

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