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Screening for Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Home Visiting (MOD049)

Length: 2 hours
PDR: Yes- Arkansas PDR available for this training

Home visiting services geared toward pregnant women and families with young children offer a unique opportunity to intervene and support mothers at risk for intimate partner violence (IPV) or domestic violence (DV). Home visitors should be knowledgeable about IPV and feel comfortable talking to caregivers about IPV and responding to positive disclosures of IPV in the home. This training module will introduce home visiting professionals to the basics of IPV and screening tool. Home visitors will also learn how to identify appropriate resources and referrals for individuals and families experiencing IPV. MOD049 (New Sept 2021)


By the end of this training, Home Visitors will:

  • Describe what IPV is and how it impacts the families we serve in home visiting programs.
  • Understand the home visitor’s role in screening and recognizing signs of IPV in the home.
  • Develop a plan for sharing resources with families and making effective referrals.

Woman Having Counselling Session; Artwork for MOD049 IPV Instructor Led Version 122721