Improving Parent-Child Relationships through Guidance & Discipline (revised May 2019) (MOD024)

Length: 3 - 3.25 hours
ETO: Parental Guidance and Nurturing

Early parent-child relationships have powerful effects on children’s cognition, language, moral development, emotional well-being, basic coping, problem-solving abilities, behavior, and future capacity for relationships. Just like any relationship, building a positive relationship between parent and child is one that requires work and effort to make it strong and successful. This training will equip home visitors with the knowledge to encourage parents to grow their relationship with their children through a variety of tools including appropriate guidance strategies and discipline techniques. Revised May 2019. MOD024


By the end of this training, Home Visitors will be able to:
  • Understand the three parenting types and identify the pros and cons of each
  • Explain ten ways parents can foster a positive relationship with their child(ren)
  • Convey to parents the difference between discipline and punishment
  • Discuss anticipated difficulties throughout each developmental stage and provide parents  appropriate discipline strategies