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Helping Parents to Understand and Manage Their Anger (Online) MOD211

Length: Self-paced
ETO: Parenting Education
PDR: Maximum PDR credit hours 1.0 (credit is awarded based on the amount of time spent in the class, up to the maximum amount) PDR 2019-2020-2021# 13307; PDR May-June 2021 35177; PDR FY 22 (July '21-June '22) 36994; PDR FY23 (Jul 2022-June 2023) 49270; PDR FY24 56891

This module provides an overview of what causes anger, the function that anger serves in our lives, and how anger impacts our relationships. Home visitors will learn how these issues may look in parenting situations as well as specific strategies on how to help parents understand and manage their anger. (MOD211) (June 2016)


Upon completion of this training, home visitors will be able to:

  • Identify the factors that contribute to anger
  • Recognize when anger is out of control and requires additional action
  • Describe the effects of anger on the angry person and others in his or her life
  • Use specific strategies to help and support parents and other caregivers who struggle with anger

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