Helping Grandfamilies to Succeed (Grandparents Raising Grandchildren) (Online) MOD204

Length: Self-paced
ETO: Professional Growth and Leadership
PDR: Maximum PDR credit hours 1.5 (credit is awarded based on the amount of time spent in the class, up to the maximum amount) - PDR# 13295

This module discusses grandfamily characteristics, unique challenges, available resources, and success strategies for the home visitor. (MOD204) (Oct 2015)


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify reasons why a parent may no longer be able to care for his or her child
  • Recognize the reason most grandparents say that they take on the responsibility of raising their grandchild
  • Identify common grandfamily characteristics
  • Select the best resources for a grandfamily based on the situation in the home
  • Identify strategies for working with grandparents who are raising their grandchildren