Helping Families Affected by Parental Substance Abuse (MOD032)

Length: 2-2.5 hours
ETO: Parental Well Being and Stability

Substance abuse is a significant problem in the U.S. and truly affects the entire family. Children affected by parental substance abuse are often at risk of harm to their health, development, and welfare. Home visitors have the perfect opportunity to intervene early and provide the family with needed support and resources which is the key to reducing harm to the entire family.
This training provides information about substance abuse and specific signs and symptoms home visitors might observe. It explains the different behavioral, emotional, and physical effects that parent’s substance abuse issues have on their children, and guides home visitors in applying strategies and support to help elicit healthy change. MOD032


By the end of this training, Home Visitors will be able to:
•Recognize signs and symptoms of parental substance abuse
•Discuss the impact of parental substance abuse has on children
•Identify protective factors of parental substance abuse
•Explore ways to support children and families affected by parental substance abuse