Building Resiliency in Young Children and Families (MOD042)

Length: 1.5-2 hours
ETO: Methods and Approaches to Working with Parents

Reducing the effects of significant adversity on children’s healthy development is essential to the progress and prosperity of any society. Science tells us that some children develop resilience, or the ability to overcome serious hardship, while others do not. Understanding why some children do well despite adverse early experiences is crucial, because it can inform more effective policies and programs that help more children reach their full potential.
Home Visitors provide key support, education, and skills to parents and caregivers that can help their children develop the resilience they need to bounce back from hardships. (MOD042)


By the end of this training, Home Visitors will:
• Describe what resilience looks like in young children
• Recognize the essential elements of building resilience in young children
• Understand how home visiting programs and home visitors can help parents build resilience in their children

Building Resiliency in Young Children and Families