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Refer Someone to Home Visiting:

Which Program Can I Refer to?

You can refer someone to 7 of our 8 home visiting models: 

  • Family Connects Union County
  • Following Baby Back Home
  • Healthy Families America
  • HIPPY Arkansas
  • Nurse-Family Partnership
  • Parents as Teachers
  • SafeCare Arkansas
Which Program Is the Right Program?:

First, we ask you to look at the age of the child you are referring.

Family Connects Union County:  newborns

Following Baby Back Home:  babies with a NICU stay up to 3 years old

Healthy Families America:  0-3 years old

HIPPY Arkansas:  2, 3, 4, and 5 years old

Nurse-Family Partnership: first-time medically fragile pregnant moms

Parents as Teachers: 0-5 years old

SafeCare Arkansas: 0-5 years old

I am Ready to Refer Someone:

Family Connects Union County: CLICK HERE TO REFER

Following Baby Back Home:  CLICK HERE TO REFER

Healthy Families America:  CLICK HERE TO REFER


Nurse-Family Partnership: CLICK HERE TO REFER

Parents as Teachers: CLICK HERE TO REFER

SafeCare Arkansas: CLICK HERE TO REFER


I’m Not Sure Which Program to Choose: 

General Referrals:  CLICK HERE TO REFER