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Healthy Families America

What Does Healthy Families America Do?

Healthy Families America (HFA) helps families address challenges like single parenthood, low income, mental health issues, substance abuse or child or spousal abuse by building on strengths (and not focusing on weaknesses). Home visits start before birth or within the first three months after a child’s birth and can continue through the first three to five years of life.

How It Works:

Qualified and highly trained Family Support Specialists (FSS) make weekly home visits to families. These specialists work with parents to offer screenings and child development assessments, activities to promote parent-child bonding, and to connect families with parent support groups, father involvement programs, job training and other resources in the community.

Who Does HFA Work With?

HFA is voluntary and free to families and expectant mothers facing challenges and who enroll during pregnancy or at birth. Families must complete a comprehensive assessment to determine both strengths and areas of concern. The FSS then works with the family to develop goals and strategies to meet those goals.

How To Get Started:


Lacye Vance
Healthy Families America MIECHV Arkansas State Lead

Email: vancelb@archildrens.org

Phone: (501) 364-3349