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AHVN COVID-19 Resources for Home Visitors

This webpage is a place where home visiting professionals and their support team members can visit to access resources to help with adjusting to the “virtual” home visiting model during the COVID-19 Crisis.  During this time of unknowns, we are temporarily utilizing to a digital distance model to provide our families the safest care possible.

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 Other Resources Available:

Click the links below for access to helpful resources.

(New) Be Well Baby Smoking Cessation Program for Pregnant Mothers by the Arkansas Department of Health

Arkansas Specific Resources

Arkansas Dept of Health Testing & Screening Location tool

Arkansas Internet and Utility Company Information

Universal Resources for Home Visitors

Media Printable Resourses and Videos in Spanish and Marshallese from Arkansas Dept of Health

Marshallese COVID-19 Handout: What you should know about COVID-19 to protect yourself and others (From CDC.gov)

Printable Resources

Videos to watch now (NON-AHVN)

Upcoming Webinars (NON-AHVN)

Free Webinars to Watch Now (NON-AHVN)

Social Media Links

Arkansas Children’s Youtube

COVID-19 IPV Intimate Partner Violence TipSheet created by the AHVN Training Institute

Downloadable videos from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention- including ASL and Spanish videos!

Additional Resources from the Home Visiting Field (here you’ll find stress management, maternal depression, and IPV resources)

Free Downloadable Book by UAMS “My Teacher Wears a Mask”


Printable/Downloadable Resources from the Arkansas Home Visiting Network Training Institute