AHVN COVID-19 Resources for Home Visitors

streThis webpage is a place where home visiting professionals and their support team members can visit to access resources to help with adjusting to the “virtual” home visiting model during the COVID-19 Crisis.  During this time of unknowns, we are temporarily utilizing to a digital distance model to provide our families the safest care possible. 

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Other Resources Available:

Click the links below for access to helpful resources.

Arkansas Specific Resources

Arkansas Dept of Health Testing & Screening Location tool

Arkansas Internet and Utility Company Information

Universal Resources for Home Visitors

Printable Resources

Videos to watch now (NON-AHVN)

Upcoming Webinars (NON-AHVN)

Free Webinars to Watch Now (NON-AHVN)

Social Media Links

Arkansas Children’s Youtube

COVID-19 IPV Intimate Partner Violence TipSheet created by the AHVN Training Institute

Downloadable videos from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention- including ASL and Spanish videos!

Additional Resources from the Home Visiting Field (here you’ll find stress management, maternal depression, and IPV resources)


Printable/Downloadable Resources from the Arkansas Home Visiting Network Training Institute