Home Module 028 - Adult Education & Career Development

Module Overview

Adult Education & Career Development

Length: 2-2.5 hours
ETO: Parental Well Being & Stability

Arkansas is one of the poorest states in the nation. Its median income is the second lowest in the country, and it ranks among the ten worst states in terms of poverty and lack of health care coverage. Compounding this problem, only 18 percent of Arkansans have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher. How can a state so deeply entrenched in poverty begin to dig its way out?

Adult education is about helping people take control of their lives, improving their lives through further education, allowing them to put something back into their community, and opening the door to more job opportunities. This module is a step by step guide to connect families in home visiting with local adult education resources to meet their needs and continuing to assist them beyond adult education, including college or career help.


By the end of this training, Home Visitors will be able to:


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