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HomVEE Review: Early Head Start

Oct 26, 2012

Early Head Start (EHS) targets low-income pregnant women and families with children from birth through age 3 years, most of whom are at or below the federal poverty level or who are eligible for Part C services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act in their state. The program model focuses on providing high quality, flexible, and culturally competent child development and parent support services with an emphasis on the role of the parent as the child’s first, and most important, relationship. EHS programs include home- or center-based services, a combination of home- and center-based programs, and family child care services (services provided in family child care homes). The focus of this report is on the home-based service option. EHS home-based services include (1) weekly 90-minute home visits and (2) two group socialization activities per month for parents and their children. Home visitors are required to have knowledge and experience in (1) child development and early childhood education; (2) principles of child health, safety, and nutrition; (3) adult learning principles; and (4) family dynamics. For more information, please read the Program Model Overview. Read More

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