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Nov 20 2018

November is Military Family Appreciation Month

November is a busy time of year for families everywhere. We begin preparing for the hustle and bustle of the holidays, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and possibly putting in overtime at work! But November is also a time of year when we recognize families who have made the ultimate sacrifice. November is Military Family Appreciation Month, and it provides us all an extra opportunity to be thankful during this time of year, and as home visitors, it allows us a new learning opportunity as well.


Military families are just as diverse as non-military families, but they also go through a unique set of circumstances and experiences. Military life can be stressful for children. They can endure long separations from their caregivers, frequent moves from school to school or from city to city, inconsistencies in schedules, the stress of deployment, and learning to cope with adult situations at an early age.

There are lots of things you can do as a home visitor to help diverse families! The Arkansas Home Visiting Networks Training Institute now offers a new training titled “Working with Diverse Families: Military Families,” which covers topics like:

  • How to understand U.S military structure and culture as it pertains to families with young children
  • How to describe the unique stressors that military families experience
  • How to recognize resources available to military families experience difficulties in a variety of areas
  • How to practice skills to address the special circumstances and concerns of military families in your home visiting practice

There are also a lot of online resources you can check out to arm yourself with information:

Military Family Life 101

10 Things Military and Veteran Parents Should Know

Parenting Tips

Military Family Time of Year


10 Ways to Recognize Military Family Month

This November, take some extra time during your moment of gratitude around your holiday table to remember those families you serve. We also want to extend our appreciation and sincerest thanks to every veteran and military family this November and take this time to honor the commitment and contributions they make every day for our country.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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