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Jun 15 2018

The Lessons Learned From Fathers

This weekend is Father’s Day, and we wanted to take this time to share why we appreciate the men in our lives who have taught us so much over the years. Fathers play an important role in the lives of children. They protect us, teach us, and guide us. As we grow up and learn how to balance between becoming adults and having children of our own, we lean on the lessons we learned from our fathers.

Father’s Day can be bittersweet for those of us who have lost our fathers. But, a father’s love is never truly gone. Whether we are grown up, moved far away, or no longer able to see our fathers, the love and connection still remain.

Kathy Pillow-Price with her father, Wes

Kathy Pillow-Price with her father, Wes  

"When I was little and got mad at my dad he would always tell me, 'I'm the best daddy you've got.' He was right. Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you. My dad always had unique access to my heart. It was through his care and leadership that I learned confidence. He loved, listened, praised, pushed, and played. He taught me it's always important to 'do the math' and nurtured my love of books and music. He's been in my corner every step of the way and I'm so happy to have someone like him to call my dad," Kathy Pillow-Price

Mona Scott with her father 

Mona Scott with her father 

"My dad always took care of us when I was younger. He packed lunch, did laundry, took care of the grocery shopping, and cooked our meals. He was a traveling insurance salesman so he often worked in the evenings. My dad did a lot of things for us during the day so my mom could focus on teaching her elementary students. My parents were a bit non-traditional. My mom was 41 years old when she had me and my dad was 36. It's my honor to be able to take care of him now that he needs it since he took such good care of me when I was little," Mona Scott

Tyra Greenwood, with her father Bryan Vincent Greenwood

Tyra, with her father Bryan Vincent Greenwood (July 15, 1952 to July 19, 2017) 

"This is the first year I will celebrate Father’s Day without my Dad. Often over the last year, my heart has been torn between gratitude for his presence in my life and sorrow over his sudden passing. My Dad had a vibrant presence, a tender heart and a biting wit. If he were here with me this Father’s Day, I would tell him how thankful I am for everything he taught me including how to have fun and enjoy life, how to tell a story, how to laugh with your whole heart, and that 'no one person is better than another, only different and it is those differences that make life interesting,'” Tyra Greenwood

Alred Motton, Sr - Father of Donna Johnson


"Alfred Motton, Sr. is a loving, kind, caring, hardworking father who sacrificed for his family. My father taught me at an early age that 'everyone has their own journey to take yet it up to you where you want that journey to lead.' Although he is no longer on this journey he will always have a special place in our hearts. I will always be thankful and blessed for the time we shared. Missing you, Dad. Happy Heavenly Father's Day," -Donna Johnson


Chelsea, with her father Dan Huckabay

Chelsea, with her father Dan Huckabay

"I want to wish my dad a Happy Father's Day. More than anything else, my dad has taught me to be generous. He has always been generous- to coworkers, to family, to friends, and to complete strangers. His spirit is kind, and he wants the best for every person he meets. He will go out of his way and give you the shirt off his back, not caring whether you can pay him back later or not. He is a selfless man who taught me right from wrong, just by the way he lives, and I don't know if he even knows that. Statistics show that you look for characteristics of your father or mother in your romantic partner, either good or bad, and I consider myself lucky to have found someone who is as generous and selfless as my father. He taught me what unconditional love is. He's also the funniest person I know and we have the same laugh," Chelsea McCurdy

Lacye (right) with her father at UCA graduation

"I am and have always been a Daddy’s girl. I would choose to spend a day on the farm with him and my Grandfather over anything else. He truly believed I could accomplish anything I sat my mind on. He lead by example and instilled in me a dedication to my faith and strong work ethic," Lacye Vance

Amanda with her father, Roger Rose

Umberto Eco said, “I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren't trying to teach us. We are formed by the little scraps of wisdom."

Those ‘little scraps of wisdom’ gathered from our fathers tend to show up in the least expected moments and tether us to our upbringing, serving as little reminders that a father’s influence is never truly forgotten.

Happy Father's Day, everyone!

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