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May 11 2018

Honoring Strong Women on Mother's Day

Mother's Day is this weekend, and for some, this day can bring happy memories, while for others it can tug on the heartstrings. It is the day we celebrate the hardworking, strong-willed, under-praised moms of the world. But more than that, it is the day we celebrate women. Women who do it all: who wake up early and go to bed late. Women who care about everyone around them and make sure everything is taken care of all the time. Women who take on the emotional labor of unconditional, self-sacrificing love every single day.

Mother's Day is the day we celebrate what it means to care about someone else more than you care about yourself, because that's what being a mother truly is: selflessness and putting someone else's needs before your own. We wanted to share some of the stories about the strong women who shaped our lives to celebrate Mother's Day this year and we hope it helps you remember to celebrate the women who helped make you who you are today!

Pictured: Kathy Pillow-Price with her mother and aunts

"I have always loved stories of strong women, perhaps because I have been blessed with them on both sides of my family. The foundation has always been these four - my mom and her sisters. Through good times and bad, success and failure, they have always been there. Today we celebrate the life of my aunt Vada, who we lost on March 24, 2018. I will always remember the aunt who watched basketball games with me and bought me one of my favorite outfits in Jr. High just because she was proud of me. I’ll remember dancing with her, laughing with her, and the quiet way she always took my side. She was beautiful inside and out and we will all miss her.

Vada I hope you’re dancing and laughing. I hope you’ve tracked down Elvis and I hope he sang just for you. This is not goodbye! I’ll see you on the other side in a little while. I can’t wait to sit around a table with you and Granny again! I know we’ll have a lot to talk about," Kathy Pillow-Price

Pictured: Lacye with her mother, Micah Vance, father Larry, and sister Devin 

"My mom loves and has always loved her children fiercely. She has always been the number one encouraging force behind me in everything I’ve done. I am the smart, strong, independent women I am today because I was raised by a smart, strong, independent woman. She was my biggest role model growing up, and she continues to be my biggest role model as an adult today," Lacye Vance


Pictured: Marilyn Jolly with her fur baby CJ Jolly

"It’s difficult to begin listing the reasons why I love Mom. She loves me unconditionally and supports me in any decision that I make. She’s a warm and caring person who deserves all the love, support, and happiness I can bring into her life. Plus, she really loves our fur babies," Natha Jolly


Pictured: Amanda Neal with her mother, Janet Linn

"One of the things I love the most about my mom is that she is always available and she’s always been the best encourager no matter what I was going through, she was always there to give me advice. It was always helpful, even when the advice was something I might not have wanted to hear. But I needed to hear it and I could take her words and accept them, whereas if somebody else might have said them I wouldn’t have accepted them. She always had the right words," Amanda Neal


Pictured: Diane Chaney, with her mother, Martha Chaney

"She was always a good example and we didn’t have to be told how to act because she was such a good example to follow. She let us learn from our own mistakes and we learned so much just watching her. I learned everything I know from my mom. She’s the one person I can always, always count on to be there for me. Growing up, we were always close and we still are today," Diane Chaney 


Pictured: Chelsea McCurdy with her mother, Margie Huckabay, sister Lauren, niece Blakely, grandmother Doris, and aunt Melinda

"My mother is the most creative person I’ve ever met. She has always had a million ideas inside her head and she never ceases to be inspired by things that most people wouldn’t think to give a second look. She takes joy in the joy of others and she truly cares about the children she teaches in art class every day. She taught me how to stay positive, how to stay in touch with my inner child, and nobody makes me laugh harder in the entire world. I love her and I am proud of her for what a difference she makes in children's lives as a teacher and in my own life growing up," Chelsea McCurdy 

Here's to every mother on Mother's Day, to the mothers who are expecting, waiting, watching, protecting, cooking, cleaning, grieving, working, growing, hoping, praying, laughing, crying, believing, loving, and living. We appreciate you, your strength, and the unfathomable amount of love you give every single day. You make the world go round!

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