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Healthy Families America (HFA) is designed to help families manage life’s challenges by building on their strengths, rather than focusing on correcting weaknesses. Local HFA programs select the target population they plan to serve, including single parents or families with low income, substance abuse, or domestic violence. The program model offers weekly home visits, starting before birth or within the first three months after a child’s birth and continuing through the first three to five years of life. In addition, HFA offers screenings and assessments for families. They may also have parent support groups, father involvement programs, and job training.  HFA home visitors have been well trained on the curriculum they use and on meeting families’ needs.

HFA is designed for parents facing challenges such as single parenthood; low income; childhood history of abuse and adverse child experiences; and current or previous issues related to substance abuse, mental health issues, and/or domestic violence.

The HFA national office requires that all families complete a comprehensive assessment to determine the presence of various factors associated with increased risk for child maltreatment or other adverse childhood experiences.

HFA requires that families be enrolled while pregnant or at birth. Once enrolled, HFA programs provide services to families until the child’s third birthday, and would like to provide services until the child’s fifth birthday.

Article: Healthy Families America Works to Prevent Child Maltreatment

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