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Session Handouts

Supporting Depressed Caregivers: Recognizing the Signs and Knowing What to do Next 

Planning as Partners 

Safe by Design: Prevention is the Key

Evidence-Based Trauma Treatments for Young Children


Session Recordings

- Evidence Based Trauma Treatments for Young Children

Benjamin A. Sigel Ph.D discusses evidenced based trauma treatments for children.



- Planning as Partners

Representatives from five home visiting programs provide an overview of each program. 

Following Baby Back Home 

Healthy Families America 


Nurse Family Partnership 

Parents as Teachers


- Cultural Barriers within the Minority Population

Nadia Johnson and Laura Landrum discuss various issues including criminal records, legal status, perceptions of mental illness and more.  Click the following links to view the videos on our YouTube channel.

Criminal record

Legal status

Housing issues

Mental illness

Child support

Domestic abuse